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When change comes, words show their value

It snowed here in Kansas City last night, the first dusting of the season. The skiff remains in thin patches even after noon because the little storm came in on the leading edge of arctic air, dropping the temperature into the low 20s.

For better or worse, things can change so quickly. Shirt-sleeve weather suddenly changes to parka weather. Hoses go into storage, and snow shovels come out. From deep in chests and drawers, gloves and stocking caps appear, and the freedom of lightly clothed summer disappears.

But whatever the season, however much more difficult one time of year can be than another, somehow people manage to make it through – as long as they have the right tools at hand.

It’s easy to forget that the written word is a tool that adapts to any season. After all, it’s such an everyday thing, always there in one form or another. Frankly, it’s so commonplace that its value can be easily overlooked.

Any practitioner of public relations or any other form of marketing should know how important the written word is in good times and bad. However, the difference between someone who knows this fact and someone who knows how to use it to a business’s advantage boils down to training, experience and, yes, talent.

Words do make a difference. Whether they help forge the right difference at the right time and in the right place takes more than the ability to hold a pen, type on a keyboard or form a coherent sentence. It requires intelligence, insight, foresight, planning and skill.

Every business needs someone who knows how, where and when to use words deliberately to further the organization’s progress. Choosing that person should be among management’s top priorities.

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